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The PickPocket Fabric Food Floor Forager

All PickPocket floor foragers are now MADE TO ORDER and lead time is approximately THREE WEEKS. Please place your order here with us at the Pawsitive Enrichment Company and you will be contacted by Kate at PickPocket Foragers to customise your order, i.e. select your fabric design. Thank you.

About The PickPocket Fabric Food Floor Forager

We eat from a plate, but dogs prefer to search for their dinner and treats using their powerful sense of smell. The PickPocket Fabric Food Floor Forager was designed by a pet owner and canine behaviourist with this in mind, and provides an exciting floor-based foraging experience.

PickPocket floor foragers lie flat on the floor and have pockets around each side, facing inwards, in which treats are hidden. They come in two sizes to suit your size/breed of dog and with deep 8cm pockets or shallow 4cm pockets. Watch them stand in the centre square and rotate round the mat to detect each treat.

Nose Work Facts – did you know?
  • A dog’s sense of smell is over 10,000 times the strength of ours.
  • ​A dog’s olfactory bulb (which processes scent) is the size of a plumb compared to ours, the size of a raisin.
  • ​Scent can evoke strong emotions and scent memory lasts a lifetime.
  • ​A dog’s nose is wet because moisture holds the scent molecules better.
  • ​When dogs lick the air, they often do this to capture scent
Who is the PickPocket Fabric Food Floor Forager suitable for?

The PickPocket is suitable for most dogs and puppies for mental stimulation and emotional well-being, and is especially therapeutic for dogs on restricted exercise, for senior dogs or those with sensory impairment. Foraging can help to calm anxious dogs.

  • ideal for dogs on restricted exercise
  • marvellous for anxious dogs (foraging is calming)
  • useful for training & distraction from unwanted behaviour
  • recommended by behaviourists & vets
  • fabulous for puppy development
  • suitable for dogs with sensory impairment
  • perfect mental stimulation for golden oldies
How can the PickPocket Fabric Food Floor Forager be used for training?
  • Grooming – encourage your dog to forage while you brush him
  • Husbandry – distract your dog while you trim nails and inspect him
  • Distraction – use to interrupt unwanted behaviour such as barking
Which Size Forager Should I Choose?

Shallow pockets are suitable for the following dogs:

  • dogs with flat faces
  • senior dogs
  • dogs who are easily frustrated and need immediate success
  • dogs with poor appetites who need quick success
  • dogs recovering from illness

Deep pockets are suitable for the following dogs:

  • young dogs
  • highly active dogs
  • dogs who enjoy puzzle solving
  • dogs with long noses that are happy to stick their snouts in the pockets

The deep pockets are suitable for owners who wish to make the foraging game more complex by adding things to the pockets, such as toilet rolls filled with scrunched up paper and treats.

Small Floor Forager

This size is suitable for toy breeds, small terriers and small spaniels such as cocker spaniels or English springer spaniels.

  • each pocket is 15cm wide by 4cm or 8cm deep
  • approximately size 90cm square
Large Floor Forager

This size suits brachycephalic (flat faced) breeds, medium sized Spaniels and larger Labradors Retrievers/Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.

  • each pocket is 20 cm wide by 4cm or 8cm deep
  • approximately 106 cm square
How do I first introduce the PickPocket Fabric Food Floor Forager?

Clever dogs may paw, bite or shake the PickPocket to reach the treats. In order to teach foraging skills, we recommend you introduce the Pickpocket by following the 4 steps detailed below:

  1. Lay the PickPocket on the floor with the pockets open to form a dome. Hide treats for your dog to find. (You can lure your dog to the pocket by holding a treat 1cm from his nose for him to follow and then placing the treat in the pocket).
  2. Repeat step 1, but flatten the pockets to make access harder.
  3. Finally, hide treats in all the pockets with them flattened down.
Care of the PickPocket

Your dog’s PickPocket is fully machine washable and can be tumble dried on a cool setting.

PickPocket Fabric Food Forager More Info

Interested and want to know more? Why not watch the PickPocket in action: click here to watch Chief Pawster Talulah product testing:

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Important Information – Please Remember

Animal enrichment is not a mechanism to keep your pet occupied, when alone or to distract them whilst you do other things.

Please remember to introduce ALL new activities SLOWLY, especially if they expose your pet to new sounds, i.e. the sound of ripping Velcro, clicks or high pitched noises. Conditioning your pet to an activity or toy (and its specific features) is crucial to ensure it becomes an enriching experience and not something they are wary or frightened of.

As with all enrichment activities, your dog should be supervised when using the PickPocket. Some very determined dogs may destroy or ingest fabric if left unsupervised. Please check the PickPocket regularly for any damage, and replace whenever it becomes damaged or defective to avoid any harm coming to your dog. Discard damaged products and do not let your dog attempt to swallow any pieces. Ensure you seek veterinary advice if you have any concerns.

Unless specifically advertised as such, advertised products are not designed or intended for strong / aggressive chewers.

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