Perfect Playtimes Treat Dispensing Snake Dog Toy






Perfect Playtimes Treat Dispensing Snake Dog Toy

The Perfect Playtimes Treat Dispensing Snake Dog Toy is perfect for games of fetch, or gentler play and will more than satisfy your Pawster’s natural urge to forage. You can stuff the snakes belly with kibble, or other treats. Talulah likes frozen natural yoghurt in hers and will keep her challenged and engaged for 30 mins.

The Perfect Playtimes Treat Dispensing Snake Dog Toy can be difficult to clean if you fill with wet food. Remember not to overfill, or alternatively you can plug the internal ends with kibble.

If your pet finds access to the snakes belly too difficult and is not enjoying the toy, try soaking the snake in very hot water for a while and wedge the crevice open to the desired width while it cools down. This will make the crevice easier to access both for the Pawsters who play with it, and the humans who clean it!

Perfect Playtimes Treat Dispensing Snake Dog Toy Features
  • Multisensory (discover the squeaky head!)
  • Safe
  • Non-toxic
 Perfect Playtimes Treat Dispensing Snake Dog Toy – Order Limits

We have had to limit the maximum number of the perfect playtimes snake that can be purchased in any order to 3. We have become aware that a number of orders consisting solely of this item have been purchased with the sole intention of resale at an inflated price on other online stores and auction sites. This is due to the difficulty many people are having in sourcing this product. We at the Pawsitive Enrichment Company endeavour to keep the products we sell affordable in order that Pawsters everywhere can benefit. If you have a specific requirement for more than two of these items, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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Animal enrichment is not a mechanism to keep your pet occupied (when alone or to distract them whilst you do other things).

Please remember to introduce ALL new activities SLOWLY, especially if they expose your pet to new sounds, i.e. the sound of ripping Velcro, clicks or high pitched noises. Conditioning your pet to a toy (and it’s specific features) is crucial to ensure it becomes an enriching experience and not something they are wary or frightened of.   As with all enrichment activities, your pet should be supervised when using this product.

Please check the product regularly for any damage, and replace whenever it becomes damaged or defective to avoid any harm coming to your pet. Please discard damaged products and do not let your dog attempt to swallow any pieces.

Unless specifically advertised as such, advertised products are not designed or intended for strong / aggressive chewers.


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