GoughNut K9 Kup – Work to Eat Range (Lifetime Replacement Guarantee)


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GoughNuts K9 Kup

What can we say about the GoughNuts range of products? Virtually Indestructible!, Floatable, Cleanable, Rollable, Chewable, Recyclable and…So much “Funable” The GoughNuts K9 Kup (pronounced like doughnuts) has been designed to address the simple but serious issue of SAFETY.

GoughNuts K9 Kup Features
  • Holds approximately 8 oz
  • For medium and large breed dogs (approximately 9kg to 41kg)
  • Remains flexible after freezing
  • Floats in water
  • The K9 Kup is a tube shape with one side closed off. This creates a length of tube where your dog will have to work to try and reach the bottom.
  • Approx 12.5cm Long /8cm Diameter /Opening Approx 4cm Diameter.
GoughNuts K9 Kup Technology

GoughNuts products are designed knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand. The GoughNuts K9 Kup Black is designed as a “work to eat” product and also general interactive play. The GoughNuts K9 Kup is multi-colored with red and does not have a red core safety indicator as it is not designed as a pure chew toy, but still carries the lifetime guarantee against damage.

Please monitor all products and please remove damaged products from dog The GoughNuts K9 Kup is an interactive toy, not for constant chewing. Please do not use this product for unsupervised power chewing as the Rings and the MaXX Black Stick are the most durable design and should be used for power chewing. This Black K9 Kup is the most durable in the K9 Kup Line.

Please note: The GoughNuts range of products may come with a small amount of powder on the surface of the product, particularly the K9 Cups. This is just residual dust / powder from the manufacturing process and will disappear over time after washing and use. (it is not a fault in the product).

GoughNuts – Virtually Indestructible?

Many companies claim it, GoughNuts guarantees it and offer a lifetime guarantee.  Mechanical and Polymer Engineers have designed every GoughNuts toy.  Understanding leverages that are present in the jaws of a dog’s mouth and relying on 25 years of rubber technology experience has resulted in a nearly indestructible product.

GoughNuts K9 Kup More Info

Interested and want to know more? Why not watch the amazing GoughNut Instructional Video (you will not believe what you see – remember the marketing is backed up by a lifetime guarantee!!)

GoughNuts Technical Information

By implementing the GoughNuts visual indicator, pet owners can clearly see if the GoughNuts integrity has been compromised. This indication will be clearly visible if the pet (typically a dog) chews from one colour to the next. The basic colours known throughout the world, “Green for Go” and “Red for Stop” are used.

The Safety Guarantee instruction states that if or when the pet chews through the outer thickness where by the red indicating, “Stop” colour is seen; the pet owner should return the product to the manufacturer for replacement.  As stated above, if or when the red colour is seen, this is an indication that the GoughNut design has been compromised and is no longer safe for the pet to use as a chew toy.

Lifetime Guarantee Information

The Pawsitive Enrichment Company have teamed up with the UK distributor of GoughNuts and will provide return and replacement information upon request – All lifetime guarantees will be honoured by the UK distributor. Replacements are free. (You only pay for postage and packaging).

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Animal enrichment is not a mechanism to keep your pet occupied (when alone or to distract them whilst you do other things).

Please remember to introduce ALL new activities SLOWLY, especially if they expose your pet to new sounds, i.e. the sound of ripping Velcro, clicks or high pitched noises. Conditioning your pet to a toy (and it’s specific features) is crucial to ensure it becomes an enriching experience and not something they are wary or frightened of.   As with all enrichment activities, your pet should be supervised when using this product.

Please check the product regularly for any damage, and replace whenever it becomes damaged or defective to avoid any harm coming to your pet. Please discard damaged products and do not let your dog attempt to swallow any pieces.

Unless specifically advertised as such, advertised products are not designed or intended for strong / aggressive chewers.


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